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Signs Your Garage Door Spring May Require Maintenance or Replacement

Garage door springs play a crucial role in supporting the weight of the door, and over time, they may wear out. Look out for these below signs which may indicate it's time for spring replacement:

Difficulty Opening: If your garage door struggles to open, it could be a sign of a worn-out spring.

Door is not balanced: Disconnect the opener from your garage door and run it by hand. If the door is still properly balanced, it will sit half-way open. If it starts to drop or rise, then the spring tension needs to be addressed.

Loud Noises: A loud banging sound, in most cases, indicates a broken spring.


Our Garage Door Spring Services

1. Spring Maintenance
Our skilled technicians are experts in diagnosing garage door springs. If the spring tension is not right, and your door isn’t properly balanced, this will put undue stress on the garage door opener. We recommend having the garage door serviced every 3 to 4 years, for this reason.

2. Spring Replacement
If you have a broken garage door spring, we offer efficient and timely spring replacement services. We provide a range of spring options suitable for various door sizes and weights, which come equipped on our fully stocked service trucks. Custom springs will require a second visit, as they are made specifically for the weight of your garage door.


Common Questions About the Garage Door Spring

3. How do I know if my garage door springs need maintenance or replacement?
Look out for signs such as difficulty in opening the door & uneven movement. If you notice any of these indicators, it’s advisable to have a professional inspection.

4. Can I replace just one spring, or do both need to be replaced?
While it's technically possible to replace only one spring, it's generally recommended to replace both springs at the same time. This ensures balanced tension and prevents uneven wear, extending the lifespan of your garage door system.

5. How long do garage door springs typically last?
The lifespan of garage door springs varies based on factors like usage and maintenance. On average, torsion springs last around 10,000 cycles, averaging anywhere from 5 to 8 years. Regular maintenance can help prolong their lifespan.

6. Is it possible to DIY garage door spring replacement?
Garage door spring replacement involves working with parts that are under high tension, and can be dangerous if not done correctly. It is strongly recommended to hire a professional technician with the expertise and tools to ensure a safe and effective job.

7. How quickly can you respond to an emergency spring replacement situation?
At Crowfoot & Cross Town Garage Door Services, we understand that garage door issues can arise unexpectedly. Our team offers same day spring replacement services, with prompt response times, ensuring that your garage door is back in operation as soon as possible.


Why Choose Crowfoot & Cross Town Garage Door Services for Your Garage Door Spring Services?

1. Local Experts in Calgary
As a trusted name in Calgary, Crowfoot & Cross Town Garage Door Services, understand the unique needs of homeowners in the area. Our local expertise ensures prompt and personalized service.

2. Repair Services
We offer garage door spring repair services, recognizing that issues can arise at inconvenient times. Our team is ready to address your urgent needs typically on the same day, no later than the following.

3. Skilled & Certified Technicians
Our team consists of skilled and certified technicians with extensive experience in garage door spring services. We stay updated on the latest industry trends to provide you with top-notch solutions.

4. Transparent Pricing
At Crowfoot & Cross Town Garage Door Services, we believe in transparent and competitive pricing. You'll know the cost upfront, with no hidden fees.


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