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Our goal is to assist all homeowners even when we are not on-site working on a garage door. That is why our blog offers handy tips for your garage door in Calgary.

  • 14/05/2020
    5 Reasons to Reconsider a DIY Garage Door Installation in Calgary

    Garage doors play an important role in your home; they provide convenience and ease at the push of a button, they provide safety from unwanted entrance into your home, they help your home brace against harsh elements, and they can provide a particular aesthetic to your home’s design. Common reasons for replacing your garage door entirely are cosmetic reasons and severe damage. However, if you notice your garage door feels unusually heavy, stops working entirely, or has damaged panels or rust, it is possible that it can be repaired rather than replaced.

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  • 27/03/2020
    What You Must Do If a Garage Door Spring Breaks

    Whether your garage door spring has undergone normal wear and tear or it isn’t functioning properly, it’s crucial to arrange a replacement once they are broken. Unfortunately, they break with no warning and a homeowner’s vehicle may become trapped. To ensure that you’re prepared for this situation, it’s necessary to know the basics of identifying and repairing a broken spring. Crowfoot & Cross Town Garage Door Services can help you in this if you are not experienced with garage door parts. We have been providing garage door services to our customer in Calgary for over 20 years.


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  • 27/03/2020
    Five Most Common Causes of Garage Door Damage

    Garage doors, if properly maintained over the years, add curb appeal, value to your home and convenience. They are comprised of many parts such as springs, cables, tracks and rollers. Due to frequent use, some parts may wear or break over time, just like parts in a vehicle, so regular maintenance is key. Understanding your garage door parts and what can go wrong will ensure timely repair and maintenance. If you are looking for custom garage doors in Calgary, get in touch with Crowfoot & Cross Town Garage Door Services. We also provide garage door repair and maintenance for homeowners and business owners.


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  • 13/11/2019
    Is Your Garage Door Energy-Efficient? Understanding the Principles of R-Value

    Garage doors are usually never considered when it comes to energy consumption. This is because many don’t see garages as a part of their home but as an extension of it. Insulation has many advantages which range from offering better security to cooling the garage during warm weather. Many factors have to be considered for this, including R-value.


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  • 13/11/2019
    Garage Door Opener 101

    Did you know an average garage door opens and closes 1,500 times a year? If you own a smart garage door opener system, you probably don’t give much thought to it. You just press a button, and the door automatically rolls up and down.


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  • 23/05/2019
    A DIY Guide to Seasonal Garage Door Repair

    You may be reluctant to add anything to your list of home maintenance tasks. However, seasonal preventative maintenance of your garage door could save you a lot of money. That’s why the team at Crowfoot & Cross Town Garage Door Services have decided to provide a list of the main tasks you can do yourself. Here’s what you should do.

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  • 30/11/2018
    Everything You Need to Know About Smart Garage Doors

    If you’re like many people in Calgary, you open and close your garage door a lot. You probably already use a remote control to open it, so why not take it a step further by having Crowfoot & Crosstown Garage Door Services set you up with a smart garage door opener that can be controlled using your smartphone, tablet or computer from anywhere in the world?

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  • 05/07/2018
    Choosing Between Wood and Metal Garage Doors

    Choosing between wood and metal garage doors

    If you’re looking to install a new garage door in Calgary, there are a lot of things you need to take into consideration. One very important factor is whether you wish to purchase a garage door made of wood or one made of metal. Familiarizing yourself with the pros and cons of each option can help to facilitate the decision making process, and allow you to make an informed choice about which kind of door is right for you.

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  • 23/04/2018
    3 Quick & Easy Garage Door Repair Hacks

    Boost the life expectancy of your garage door

    If you’re like most homeowners, you probably have the same garage door that is original to the house when you bought it. What most owners or users don’t know is that there comes a point when it’s time to replace it. At Crowfoot & Cross Town Garage Door Services in Calgary, we take care of everything from the sales and installation, right down to your  garage door repair and maintenance. Let our experts walk you through some of the warning signs that it might be time to replace your garage door.

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  • 31/01/2018
    How to Plan for Your Overhead Door

    How much headroom is needed for my overhead garage door?

    If you’re planning to install a new garage door, there’s an important question you need to consider: how much space do I need so that my garage door can be raised properly? At Crowfoot & Cross Town Garage Door Services, we offer our customers garage door parts in Calgary at a reasonable price with great service. Let our experts show you how to determine your need for space, and avoid ordering the wrong parts for your garage.

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  • 01/12/2017
    5 Easy Tips for Fall Garage Maintenance

    Fall is the time of year when you pack away all the summer gear and prepare your home for the winter months to come. Your garage door is no exception. When the cold and snow hit, the last thing you will want is to be outside, struggling to get your garage door open before you start your day.

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  • 29/06/2017
    Troubleshooting a Garage Door Remote Control Range Problem

    Garage door remote controls are incredibly convenient little gadgets however; some people may have issues with their remote due to range problems. One issue which seems to be occurring more and more is a sudden and drastic reduction in the range of the remote control, allowing it to work only when it is very close to the opener.

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  • 31/10/2016
    The Anatomy of a Garage Door

    A little know-how can go a long way to keep your garage door working well and your family safe. On average, a garage door will open and close to 1,500 times a year! It's no wonder it can break down sometimes. Let's take a look at the basic components of an overhead garage door in Calgary.

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  • 31/10/2016
    4 Tips for When Your Garage Door is Frozen Shut

    You’re sitting in your car on a blustery and frigid morning about to leave your house for work. You push the button on your garage door remote but something’s wrong. There’s a whimper and a groan but nothing happens. You try the button once more but it’s the same thing. What now? Do you have to immediately call a service company? Not necessarily. Here are four tips to keep in mind if your garage door appears to be frozen shut one cold Calgary morning.

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  • 31/10/2016
    Freshen Up Your Calgary Garage This Spring!

    If you find yourself looking longingly at your BBQ and dreaming of summer get-togethers, the crocuses are peeking through and you don't wear your arctic gear every time you step outdoors, it can only mean one thing: spring is finally here! And with spring comes garage care and maintenance.

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