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Welcome to Crowfoot & Cross Town Garage Doors, your go-to expert for professional garage door service and repair in Calgary. Our dedicated team of technicians is committed to ensuring the optimal functionality and safety of your garage door, providing timely and efficient solutions for all your service and repair needs.

Our Garage Door Service & Repair Services

We offer a comprehensive range of garage door service and repair services to keep your garage door functioning smoothly and safely. Here are some of the common issues we can address:

Broken Springs: Garage door springs are essential for lifting and lowering the door. If a spring breaks, your door will become inoperable.

Faulty Sensors: Garage door sensors are safety features that prevent the door from closing on someone or something. If a sensor malfunctions, the door may not close properly.

Off-Track Doors: If your garage door has become misaligned and jumps off its tracks, it won't open or close properly.

Damaged Rollers & Cables: Rollers and cables help the garage door move smoothly along its tracks. If these components become damaged, the door may become difficult to open or close.

Malfunctioning Garage Door Openers: Garage door openers use various mechanisms to lift and lower the door electronically. We can troubleshoot and repair any issues with your garage door opener.

Routine Maintenance: Preventative maintenance is key to extending the lifespan of your garage door. Our routine maintenance services include lubrication, adjustments, and thorough inspections, addressing potential issues before they become major problems.

Signs You Need Garage Door Service & Repair

Unusual Noises: Grinding, squeaking, or banging sounds during operation may indicate the need for repairs.

Slow Response: If your garage door takes longer than usual to respond to commands, there may be an issue with the opener or other components.

Uneven Movement: A garage door that moves unevenly or gets stuck may have issues with tracks, springs, or other essential parts.

Visible Damage: From dented panels to frayed cables, visible damage requires immediate attention to prevent further deterioration.

Why Choose Crowfoot & Cross Town Garage Doors for Garage Door Service & Repair?

  1. Local Expertise in Calgary
    As a locally trusted company, we understand the unique needs of Calgary homeowners. Count on us for prompt, reliable, and personalized service.

  2. Skilled & Certified Technicians
    Our team consists of skilled and certified technicians with extensive experience in garage door service and repair. We stay updated on the latest industry trends to provide top-notch solutions.

  3. Quality Replacement Parts
    We use only high-quality replacement parts sourced from reputable manufacturers, ensuring the durability and reliability of your garage door.

  4. Transparent Pricing
    We believe in transparent and competitive pricing. You'll receive a clear and detailed estimate before any work begins, so you know exactly what to expect.

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