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Garage door remote controls are incredibly convenient little gadgets; however, some people may have issues with their remote due to range problems. One issue which seems to be occurring more and more is a sudden and drastic reduction in the range of the remote control, allowing it to work only when it is very close to the opener.

The expert garage door installation and garage door opener technicians at Crowfoot & Cross Town Garage Door Services frequently encounter this issue. Below explains various reasons why your remote control may only be working when it is close to the opener:

1. Visor – Metal in the visor or roof of a vehicle can cause interference

2. Weak Battery – Replace it with a new one

3. LED Light Bulbs – Some LED light bulbs generate radio emissions. Try a different brand to see if that solves the problem

4. Cell Towers – You may have to convert your garage door openers frequency in order to bypass the interference

5. Metal Building – You may need to install an antenna extension

6. Control Panel Wires – If there is a short or any other issue in the wires to the control panel, it can cause a range issue

7. RF Interference – Certain electrical devices can radiate or emit interference. This includes anything that is plugged into an electrical outlet. Please keep in mind the device can be brand new, or it can be an item that has been in use for quite a while. The item may continue to work properly, so it’s difficult to know if it’s the cause of the problem. Perform a power down test to locate the source.

The solution, in most cases, will be a process of elimination to get to the root of the problem. If you’ve tried all of the above steps and are still experiencing interference, give Crowfoot & Cross Town Garage Door Services a call at 403-250-5250.


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