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anatomy of a garage door


A little know-how can go a long way to keep your garage door working well and your family safe. On average, a garage door will open and close to 1,500 times a year! It's no wonder it can break down sometimes. Let's take a look at the basic components of an overhead garage door in Calgary.

  • The mounting framework is the skeleton of the system. It anchors and supports the entire door assembly. As a rule, it is the component that needs the least maintenance apart from checking to see that bolts remain snug, clean and rust-free.

  • The torsion spring provides most of the muscle. It consists of a coiled spring connected to a steel rod with cables attached to each end that are, in turn, attached to the door. It serves a counterbalancing function and helps the operator raise and lower the door through the energy stored in the coiled spring.

  • Belt, track, cables and pulleys - these components ensure that the door moves straight and true. They connect the door to the torsion spring and operator, which do the lifting.

  • The operator, safety reversing sensor and emergency release rope are the brains of the outfit. These components make sure the garage door does your bidding and keeps you safe in the event of a malfunction.

Why Are Garage Door Springs So Important?

Garage door springs do most of the work and have a lifespan that should be respected. Most last three to seven years, or 10,000 - 12,000 cycles. They should be examined by a professional towards the end of the 2-year warranty period and every 2 to 3 years after that for preventative maintenance.

Garage door spring replacement is not a DIY project. They are under high torsion, and an inexperienced person could be injured.

Homeowners often add insulation or windows to their overhead doors in Calgary. This adds weight, and the torsion springs should be adjusted or changed accordingly. Call Crowfoot and Cross Town Garage Services for expert advice.

What about the Garage Door Cables?

Garage door cables, like the torsion spring, work hard and need to be inspected regularly for fraying, rust and wear. Because proper adjustment is critical and the cables are under tension, you are best to get a professional to replace or adjust cables when necessary. At Crowfoot and Cross Town Garage Services, we have 20 years’ experience with garage door repair in Calgary.

My Garage Door Doesn't Work. What's Wrong With It and What Can I Do?

Sometimes simply changing the battery in the transmitters, cleaning the optical eyes or resetting the open and close limit settings of the garage door operator will do the trick.

If you've perused your owner's manual, tried all you can, and it still won't work, it might be time to contact an expert in overhead doors in Calgary. We also sell parts directly over the counter for smaller repairs and service jobs. Give us a call at Crowfoot & Cross Town Garage Door Services for all your garage door repairs in Calgary— 403-250-5250.


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