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Garage door problems


Garage doors, if properly maintained over the years, add curb appeal, value to your home and convenience. They are comprised of many parts such as springs, cables, tracks and rollers. Due to frequent use, some parts may wear or break over time, just like parts in a vehicle, so regular maintenance is key. Understanding your garage door parts and what can go wrong will ensure timely repair and maintenance. If you are looking for custom garage doors in Calgary, get in touch with Crowfoot & Cross Town Garage Door Services. We also provide garage door repair and maintenance for homeowners and business owners.

Here are some common causes of garage door issues:

1. Broken Spring(s):

Garage door springs help balance the weight of the garage door and make the function of the garage door possible. Most homeowners these days get 5 to 8 years out of the springs as most use the garage door more than their front doors. If a spring breaks, your garage door, in most cases, will not open.

Why call a professional?

Springs are always under extreme tension, and sudden failure can cause injuries and damage to your property. Choosing the right spring to accommodate the weight of the garage door is important, so it doesn’t stress out the garage door opener. To replace the spring requires special tools.

2. Broken Cable(s):

Wire cables will differ based on the spring system of your door. They are usually made from metal and are flexible. The cables open and close the door using a pulley system. Regularly check the cables for signs of damage such as:

  • Rust on cables - it can lead to corrosion.

  • Wear & tear on pulleys - garage cable might not go through the pulley properly, causing the garage door to get stuck.

  • Improper winding - check the winding and unwinding function of the cable to check if it’s in proper order.

It’s better to have the cables replaced in pairs so that they are identical in length.

3. Worn out Rollers:

Garage rollers allow for smooth operation along the tracks. So, it’s important that the tracks are aligned properly for the rollers to work accurately. Some ways your rollers can wear over time are:

  • Loose tracks can cause the rollers to be misaligned

  • Rollers can come off if there are dents along the tracks

  • If both tracks are not parallel to each other, rollers can be damaged

  • If there is debris build-up, rollers can go off track

4. Hardware Problems:

Hinges, bearings and bolts may wear or loosen with use. If you notice unusual noise coming from your garage door, check for any loose hardware. Also, apply a dedicated garage door lubricant on the hardware for the door to glide more quietly and smoothly. With regular maintenance, your garage fixtures will perform with ease.

5. Damaged Sections:

The garage door sections that make up the actual garage door, if hit or damaged in some way, will also affect the operation. It’s important to have a professional take a look at how the door has been compromised, so it doesn’t create even a bigger problem down the road.

Crowfoot & Cross Town Garage Door Services provides garage door repair and maintenance in Calgary. We also provide garage door openers, overhead doors and garage door parts for our clients.

Contact us today for quality garage door repair and installation in Calgary.


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