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Have you been in a situation where you’re leaving your house, and your garage door won’t close? It can be frustrating, especially if you’re in a hurry to leave for work. Our guide helps identify some of the most common reasons for your garage door not closing and provides troubleshooting tips you can try before you call the repairman.


Spotcheck Your Remote

The first thing you should check is your garage door remote. It could simply be that you are out of range with your remote. If the range is not the issue, have you recently replaced the batteries in your remote? If you switch your remote's batteries out for new ones and the door still won't open, you might have to look for another cause.


Dirty Sensors

The best garage door safety tech is your sensors, located on either side of your garage door. Your sensors let your door know of any obstructions or obstacles. If they are dirty or dusty, the sensor will get confused and won't let you close the door. A good cleaning should take care of the issue and allow you to close the garage door again.


Faulty Sensors

Your sensors always need to be connected to power and be able to receive signals. If one of them is faulty, they won't be able to communicate, leaving you with an open garage door. Replacing faulty sensors will get the door to close smoothly again.


Misaligned Sensors

The sensors on your garage door are pretty sensitive; if they're slightly out of alignment, they won't be able to work properly. Usually, sensors will tell you if they're out of alignment by blinking, so repositioning them is an easy fix.


Spring Damage

The torsion spring and coiled springs are the heavy lifters that physically open and close your garage door. If any of these springs are damaged or broken, it could cause your door to become misaligned. If you have a damaged, worn-out spring, you'll want to call in the experts to fix them.


Track Damage

During garage door installation, tracks are installed to make sure your door moves easily and in a straight line. If the tracks are blocked or damaged, your door won't close. If removing the blockages doesn't work, then you might need to call a technician to repair and replace those damaged tracks.


Broken Cables

The cables and pulleys connect your garage door with the springs and tracks. If any of them are damaged or broken, it'll result in the garage door not opening or closing. In this situation, it’s best to call a professional to replace them, so your door works again.


Call the Experts To Repair Your Garage Door

If you're having issues with the garage door not closing, you can do a few things to troubleshoot the problem. Our tips will help you identify the cause and fix the issue quickly; however, you might need to call the professionals for more complex issues.


Crowfoot & Cross Town Garage Door Services offers the sale, installation and repair of garage doors and garage door openers in Calgary. Get in touch for expert repair service!

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