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5 easy tips


Fall is the time of year when you pack away all the summer gear and prepare your home for the winter months to come. Your garage door is no exception. When the cold and snow hit, the last thing you will want is to be outside, struggling to get your garage door open before you start your day.

By inspecting your door before Calgary is hit with real winter storms, you can avoid the need to extensively repair your door and keep any service calls to a minimum. Here are five tips for maintaining your garage this fall:


Avoiding serious problems with your garage door is all about catching them early. You should take the time to thoroughly inspect the different parts of your garage door (the mounting framework, the tracks, the door itself, etc.) for any damage, rust, or misalignment. The more you use your door when there’s a problem, the more quickly that problem will get worse.


Obviously, one of the most important parts of your garage door is that it moves easily. The changing temperatures of fall and winter will make the metal in your door expand and contract, slightly altering how all its pieces fit together. To make its movement as easy as possible, you should thoroughly clean the tracks and hinges of your door before applying lubricant to every moving part.


If your garage is connected to your house, then you should pay particular attention to the weather seal on your door. Your garage door is one place in your house where you can lose a lot of the heat your HVAC system produces for your home. Be sure your seal is in good repair so you can keep the Calgary winter out of your home.


If you have an automatic garage door, be sure to check that its safety system is working properly. All doors that operate by remote should have sensors a few inches off the ground, most commonly found on either side of your door. These are there to prevent the door from closing if an object is in its path. Be sure to test them regularly to make sure these are working properly. If they’re not, they’re a potential safety threat, and you should call your local garage door service expert in Calgary to get it fixed.


These easy steps should be done once every season, at least. They can help head off any problems before they get expensive to repair. At least once a year, you should also call a professional garage door service expert to inspect your door and advise you on how best to maintain it. At Crowfoot & Crosstown Garage Door Services in Calgary, we are committed to high-quality workmanship and customer service. Contact us today to arrange to have your garage door inspected for the coming winter.


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