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Garage door energy efficient


Garage doors are usually never considered when it comes to energy consumption. This is because many don’t see garages as a part of their home but as an extension of it. Insulation has many advantages, which range from offering better security to cooling the garage during warm weather. Many factors have to be considered for this, including R-value.

Calgary-based Crowfoot & Cross Town Garage Door Services has been providing quality workmanship, customer service, and reliable garage door products of top brands since 1996. We have the experience and the knowledge to offer worry and hassle-free services you can trust.

In this blog post, our expert technicians have explained the factors that make garage doors energy-efficient.

Why Go Energy-Efficient?

If your garage is a workspace where an air-conditioner or a space heater is being used regularly, it’s important to insulate it well to save energy. If your home is located in an area of extreme weather, a well-insulated garage door will help keep your car warm in the winter and cool in the summer. An ideally insulated garage door will also offer soundproofing benefits.

What Is R-Value?

It is a way of measuring thermal resistance used in buildings. This is to establish the resistance of different construction materials to heat transfer. The type of material, its chemical properties and its density are the factors that determine the R-Value number; the higher the R-value, the better the insulation. Manufacturers use this measurement to indicate the energy efficiency of their products.

The standard garage door R-value mainly depends on climate, but certain other factors are also considered, such as:

Is your garage attached to your house?

If it is detached, a non-insulated or lightly insulated door should be enough. Otherwise, it is best to select a garage door with a value of at least R-10 or above.

Is your garage insulated, and do you keep the thermostat between 8 and 10 degrees Celsius?

If so, it is best to select a door with at least an R-12 value to reduce the heating bill.

How do you use your garage?

If you are going to use your garage for car-parking only during winter and use it for storage for the rest of the year, the value of R-10 will be sufficient. If you have turned your garage into a home gym or workshop, then a door with a value of R-16 will be needed.

Is R-Value the Only Factor to Be Considered?

It is not the only essential factor as attention should also be given to weatherproofing the door. Here are some things you should look for:

  • The type of weatherstripping between sections should form an effective thermal break

  • The weather seal at the door’s bottom should be resistant and flexible to intense cold

  • Ensure that there is a thermal bridge at the end of the garage door’s section

  • The exterior perimeter of the weatherstripping should be flexible and soft, even at -25 degrees Celsius

Let Us Help

Crowfoot & Cross Town Garage Door Services provides all you need for garage door repairs or installation in Calgary, so that you can avoid the risks of DIY. We even offer custom garage doors for every client’s personal needs.

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