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Did you know that it is recommended to have at least $300,000 to $500,000 of home insurance coverage? Your stuff is worth more than you may think, so protecting it should be a priority. When you deal with common garage door problems, you leave your home vulnerable to thieves and other issues. Learn about various garage door issues and how you can fix them.



One of the most common garage door problems, and annoying ones, is a noisy garage door. Generally, this problem can easily be fixed with a routine maintenance checkup or by replacing small parts.

To solve the problem, you can start with this basic maintenance checklist:

  • Examine tracks and rollers

  • Tighten hardware

  • Check pulleys and cables

  • Test the balance of the door

  • Test the auto-reverse feature on the door opener

If none of these steps quite get rid of your noise issue, you might need to replace the hinges on your garage door. Over time, parts such as metal tracks can wear out and cause the loudness you want to avoid.



Sometimes troubleshooting garage door problems isn't so easy, but it is quite obvious when you have a frozen garage door. On the coldest days of the year, the door can freeze to the ground.

Often, this leads to a garage door opening and closing problem. However, hitting the opener button solves this issue more often than not.

If you click your opener and the door does not budge, don't keep hitting it unless you want to deal with garage door remote problems too.

Other methods to fix this issue include melting the ice with a hairdryer or heat gun. You can also use a de-icing product as long as you are careful not to damage the seals.



A faulty opener could ruin your day and leave you stuck outside of the garage or inside of it. The most common cause of a faulty opener is the power source getting disrupted.


For example, the motor unit might have been unplugged or the circuit breaker has tripped or burned out. If other lights in the garage aren't working, the latter is probably the cause.


If the garage door opener's motor gets burned out, it won't work at all. You won't be able to fix this problem on your own. A technician must do it for you.



Extension springs and torsion springs are used to counterbalance garage doors. Because the springs are constantly pressurized, they wear out over time.

If the opener struggles to do its job, it's time for a spring replacement. You can also check this by lifting your garage door by hand. If it is too heavy, the springs are wearing out.

Leave spring replacements to the professionals because they are under much pressure and can be dangerous.



Garage doors are often taken for granted, but they protect your home and its valuables. When you have an issue with your garage door, it is recommended to get it fixed right away. Leave it to the professionals to resolve the issue. Our garage door services can handle your problems and much more. Contact us today to make an appointment.

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