Design your Overhead Door for Your Calgary Home

Whether you are building a new garage or looking to renovate your existing facility, a quality overhead door is essential. At Crowfoot & Cross Town we know overhead doors. We have all the latest styles and designs from contemporary to classic and we can assist you in finding the right type of materials. Our staff can help you find the ideal overhead door for your Calgary home. 

Types of Overhead Doors in Calgary

When it comes to overhead doors there are basically two different styles:

Carriage Style

Carriage style doors can either open like traditional garage doors by going up or by swinging out. They offer a more classic look and they swing in one large section as opposed to four or five smaller sections. If you have carriage doors that swing outward you must have sufficient clearance for them to open. These doors are often quite stylish and an attractive option for homeowners. 

Classic Style

This could also be called the standard style of garage doors, as they roll up in sections. They do not swing outward, so only minimal clearance is needed for them to open. This is often a safer option if you have children since they do not swing outward. 

Types of Materials for Overhead Doors

Garage doors tend to be made of three different types of materials: wood, steel, or aluminum. Each type of materials has its benefits. 


Wood doors are popular because they can be manufactured for virtually any size of opening. They often require more upkeep in the form of painting or staining, and the cost can vary. Solid wood doors are more expensive than wood doors with foam insulation. Because wood is so versatile it can be painted any colour and it can be sized to fit most frames. 


Steel doors are incredibly durable and will require little maintenance over time. They are stronger than wood doors and often come with a fiberglass overlay that allows them to be any colour. The fiberglass colouring may need to be repainted as it fades in the sun over time, but this is still a durable option that will stand up to the elements. Steel doors often do not need major repairs unless there is a major trauma to the door. 

Aluminum Translucent

This is the newest style of garage door and it consists of translucent window-like panels in an aluminum frame. They offer an excellent modern look and are lightweight. Because the panels are translucent they emit light from inside and greatly enhance the overall look of your home. 

Do you have questions about the right type of overhead door for your Calgary home? We are here to help you. Our contractors are trained to help you find the right type of door that best suits your home and your needs. For more information give us a call.

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